Leadership Is Much More Than Democracy and Autocracy

By Joy Falade
I believe leadership is in two basic contexts: good leadership and bad leadership, Good leadership is a practical skill that encircles an individual to lay a right footstep for others to follow or influencing someone to be the very best personality they can be, while, bad leadership is all about setting the…


Leading Self is Harder Than Leading Others

By Francis Oboh
Leading self. Leading others.

This is my newfound mantra since awakening to the reality of leadership paradigms and approaches. Many do not realize, but for the most part, leading self is harder than leading others. I have realized this now, and some useful tools that I have begun to adapt are discipline (for…


The Journey So Far: Emotional Intelligence

By Onyekah Princewill

I have learned a lot this week. It’s been wonderful meeting new people with different ideas and creative minds. Mr. John, our facilitator, has really made this camp accommodating and memorable. We all are on a journey: The Entrepreneurial Leadership journey. The Bridge Program has designed a very inspiring module, and one I…


Upclose with the Alchemists

By Oludayo Olufowob
Alchemist: A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

The two-week impact session ended with a rooftop networking session; an ethereal moment when we met with Nigerians who are making waves in their careers, some from the humblest beginnings. An analogy in mind…