Our Model

The Afara Model was created with the belief that in order to unlock their potential, young people need a strong and diverse foundation, a robust support system and hands-on experience in the real world. All our programs leverage our key pillars to reorient mindsets and accelerate young people towards positive change.


We believe a strong foundation is the key to any success. Our curriculum exposes students to pioneer pedagogy designed to develop 21st-century skills, and build independent thinkers and deep learners with the boldness and agility to create a new world.

  • 21st Century Skills: Students develop mastery of skills and tools needed to thrive in the future.
  • Independent Thinking: Students interact with peers and experts and gain a myriad of perspectives.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: Students develop the mindset and skills to solve a wide range of problems.


Our fast-evolving and diverse world needs robust interventions. Students become part of a global peer network that connects and generates collaborative solutions. They also receive ongoing mentorship and support from professionals to accelerate their careers.

  • Global Peer Collaboration: Students gain access to a network of diverse thinkers with a platform to collaborate and create for the world.
  • Mentorship: Students receive guidance from experts and passionate professionals to accelerate their careers.
  • Networking: Students are able to network with professionals year-round, thus accessing a wide pool of resources for their ventures.


We understand that opportunities to practice are core to students’ careers. We enable students to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real-world experiences and solve complex problems.

  • Internships: Students complete high impact internships in various sectors through our professional network.
  • Leadership Simulations: Students access multiple opportunities to develop their interpersonal and team work skills.
  • Idea Labs: Students participate in interdisciplinary collaboration activities to solve complex problems.

The Afara Difference

Global Collaboration

Access a virtual platform to meet, learn, connect, create, share, and inspire one another to create the future of human endeavor. It is the fastest way to achieve social and knowledge transfer without physical cross-country migration.

Ecosystem Optimization

Maximize returns on investments through higher education, by establishing strategic partnerships and collaboration with other ecosystem actors to amplify scale and impact. We partner with various players in the human capacity and economic development value chain.


Explore non-traditional career pathways and accelerate your readiness for the future of work through the Gig Hub. We are developing entrepreneurial leaders who are equipped with the requisite skills for a rapidly evolving future.

Real-world Simulation

Immerse yourself in critical experiences that simulate the real world of politics and business. Discover real scenarios and acquire the right approaches to navigate through known and unknown challenges in the public and private sector.