The Perfect Definition of Leadership

By Oluwasayomipe Osasona

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

Of all the definitions of leadership I have come across, this definition is the one that appeals to me most. Why? Because this definition completely describes what’s in my head anytime I imagine…


How Entrepreneurial Leadership Has Changed My Mindset

By Gloria Iyke
Leadership for me, can be broken down into two words; LEADER and SHIP. A leader is someone who is designed and appointed to direct a group of people to achieve a set goal. In a particular context, I would want to say a ship can be described as a structure carrying opinions…


What Leadership Means to Me

By Benjamin Yesufu
I have thought of myself as a leader for as long as I can remember. Growing up as the eldest of three sons, I learnt at a young age that leadership meant responsibility. I knew that a leader had to take decisions for others, and that a leader would be answerable for…