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A 4-Year Entrepreneurial Leadership Course for Universities

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa, and arguably its largest work force, yet it struggles with one of the worst youth unemployment rates in the world. According to data from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria’s unemployment rate tripled in the three years leading up to 2020. With such a mis-match between the projected trajectory of economic growth and the supply of quality talent for the workforce, Nigeria faces an unsustainable future. Recognizing the limitations of the traditional higher education model, we offer a unique blended experience to supplement student learning and development through The Pathway. 


Fellows are immersed into a transformational learning experience designed to equip them with the mindset, skills and aptitude to develop successful careers in the public, private and social sectors.


Fellows are afforded spaces to practice entrepreneurial leadership concepts through internships, indiviudual projects, group activities and simulations. Each experience offers space for practice and personalized feedback.


Through the lifelong experience, fellows are empowered to launch new ventures, develop high quality research and lead critical sectors of the Nigerian economy, with the support of a global peer network and professional mentors.

Our Approach

We collaborate with higher education institutions to match the supply and demand side of Nigeria’s job market by enabling graduates to be ready for both existing and ‘future- of- work’ job opportunities across sectors.  The Pathway is delivered to enrolled university students as a four-year minor program alongside their core discipline. Our curriculum enables students to augment their academic learning with critical 21st century skills to meet employer needs.


Our Four-Year University Program at a Glance

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Students develop entrepreneurial leadership skills and mindsets, and experience human centered design as a creative approach to problem solving.

Communicating for Impact

Students develop the skills to form and express ideas, think critically and engage with the perspectives of others.

Digital Literacy

Students develop a range of digital skills focused on the use of technology to interact with the world around them.

Data & Decisions

Students  develop the ability to analyse different types of data to make informed decisions when addressing real world problems.


In their final year, students engage in real-life work similar to working in an actual organization.

Political Economy

Students gain an understanding of the historical and current structure of Nigeria’s political economy, and how different forces interact to influence the development and evolution of industries that will drive the economy in future.

Meet our Pioneer Partner

Elizade University

In 2019, we commenced a pilot of our curriculum with Elizade University, a private university located in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State, Nigeria. With a mission “to produce graduates with the appropriate skills and knowledge for the development of the nation and global competitiveness”, Elizade University was the ideal pilot partner for our program. 

What Students and Faculty Say

Glory Iyke

I have learned a lot about leadership, business, and entrepreneurship in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Elizade University. I have learned to think critically, to get to the root cause of a problem, effectively gather relevant information, interview various people and drive towards a solution. I have also increased my interpersonal skills, especially my ability to empathize with others

Glory Iyke
Engineering Student, Elizade University