Marvel, On His TBP 2021 Experience: “What Next”

Editor: Daniel Alumona

Program Manager, Global Peer Collaboration


Student & Entrepreneur.

Marvelous Ajala

TBP Entry Year: 2021

“Leaving camp, one of the things that kept lingering in my mind was; how do we help more people know of opportunities like this”


Marvelous is a penultimate year student in the Faculty of Pharmacy, at the University of Lagos. He is interested in innovation and the application of technology, especially artificial intelligence, in health systems. Currently, he runs a newsletter called the Health Transformer, which curates conversations about health innovations in Africa. Marvel is also a data scientist/machine learning engineer in training.



These last two weeks at The Bridge Program’s Bootcamp have been nothing short of phenomenal. I learned a whole lot, and in a new way and dimension that I will forever remember. I experienced the feeling of being put on edge, the one which will require one to ideate real-time solutions on the spot, and to iterate as situations change. Above all, I met a lot of smart young people like myself, doing great things; the type of ones who not only rub off intelligently on you but also inspire you to want to do, and want to be more; and in all honesty, I’m super pumped and grateful for the opportunity to have met these lots.

But right now, the big question is, WHAT NEXT? 



If I took anything out of the boot camp, it will be something similar to what Jesus told his disciples “Go ye therefore into all nations, teaching them….”. 

It would be more like “Go therefore into the world Marve; build things and create solutions”. Outside the lesson contents, meeting and interacting with people (co-fellows and other people within the network of TBP) gave a realistic understanding of the words of Lara Rabiu (the cofounder) when she said, “The only one that can stop you now is YOURSELF”. At this point, I feel more inspired, energized, and confident that I have all I need to be great and to build; and if I get stuck, there’s a lot of support from within the network to help out; if I fail, just found another way that doesn’t work. 

I’m pumped. 


Speak And Write More

Leaving camp, one of the things that kept lingering in my mind was; how do we help more people know of opportunities like this; how do people know they can be more; that their competition is not someone in OAU or UI, but those students from Harvard and Stanford; how do we compete, and win? 

One of the reasons why I ran for the post of President in my Faculty is to show and inspire that there can be more, and that we can do and aspire to be more. The feedback I’ve received in the last couple of days from people outside of my Faculty and school shows I am on the right path. Now, it doesn’t even matter if I win or not, as I’m glad to be part of the process, therefore, I’m looking towards speaking and writing more about the little I know on leadership, tech, and AI, health, innovation et al. 

We have a responsibility to millions who may never get to experience The Bridge Program. 


And finally, LEARN 

One of the biggest things I learned, is to constantly set myself up for continuous growth. This is one thing I noticed a lot of people around me, including myself, do not consciously do often.

“your imagination can’t be beyond your level of knowledge”

so now that I know better, I guess I’m in active pursuit of more opportunities like The Bridge Program; to learn, to be better, to meet and rub minds with more great people. Once again, I’m so excited about the future, and can’t wait for the great things my cohort mates are going to do in the months/years to come.

I’m rooting for them all!

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