The Pathway Program

Learn the skills. Build the network. Land the job.

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Program Description

We believe that every graduate deserves a rewarding career opportunity. 

We enable career acceleration through our integrated peer mentor-led model and project-based programming.

Accelerate your career trajectory. Registrations open for Afe Babalola University students.

Coming to other universities soon!

Pathway Student Testimonials

The Problem

As of 2020, 40% of Nigerian graduates were unemployed. All students want to be “successful” but few understand the exact path they must walk in order to achieve this goal in their field of interest. Mentorship from industry professionals - if available - is often too expensive or too theoretical.

Our Solution

The Pathway is a 30-week project-based mentorship course that will kick off at Afe Babalola University will February 2023 with a select cohort of 120 students. Our blend of independent online learning, small group in-person discussions, and full-group online sessions create a learning journey that’s experiential and professionally relevant.

What You will Learn

The pathway is designed specifically to challenge and bring out the best in you

In Term 1, you’ll do the following – all with the guidance of a mentor and a group of motivated peers:

  • Set an individualized career goal and make a plan to achieve it.
  • Work with a team to solve real-world business projects.
  • Learn critical thinking and problem-solving tools used in top global companies


In Term 2, you’ll:

  • Begin to execute on your career plan.
  • Develop an employment pathway portfolio (CV, resume, etc).
  • Practice preparing for interviews
  • Build a strong, diverse professional network

The Pathway is Unique

The Pathway is unlike any other educational experience because it’s

Rooted in project-based learning.

Completing real-world projects with the help of a mentor ensures that your learning is relevant, practical, and transferrable. Get the experience you need to build a successful career.

See impact today.

Apply the skills you’re developing to build your future to improve your life today. Use your new critical thinking tools to ace your next exam. Use your new problem-solving tools to rise to the top of your club.

Flexible, high-impact programming

With a small investment of 1-2 hours of meetings during the weekend and 2-3 hours of flexible, self-paced work during the week, you can alter the trajectory of your life.

Enables access to industry professionals:

You’ll work with people who are where you want to be in a few years.

The Pathway Is for You

The program is for all university students – regardless of level or field of study. However, we recommend applying in your 300 or 400 level.

Confident in your career goal? The Pathway connects you with an expert peer mentor who can help refine your plan, build your professional network, and develop the skills needed to excel in your industry!

Considering a career pivot? The Pathway will give you the skillset, support, and network to navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead and land a rewarding career in a new field.

The Pathway Is Worth It

The Pathway is a scalable version of The Afara Initiative’s Bridge Fellowship – our leadership development program that’s empowered over 200 Nigerian graduates since 2014. These are their stories:

The Pathway Accelerates Your
Career Trajectory

The Pathway is unlike any other educational experience because it’s

Admissions + Tuition

The Afara Initiative and Afe Babalola University are partnering to offer The Pathway to Afe Babalola students in February 2023. Applications open on November 18th. Total tuition for The Pathway will be 175,000 NGN. Term 1 tuition will be 70,000 NGN and must be paid by February 8th, 2023. Term 2 tuition will be 105,000 NGN and must be paid on August 8th, 2023

At the close of this program, you’ll have:

  • An individualized, mentor-approved career goal and plan to achieve this.
  • A strong professional network that enables connection to career opportunities and global peers
  • A variety of critical thinking and problem-solving tools used by top global companies.
  • Mentor-approved cover letters, resumes, and interview strategies
  • A portfolio of work that demonstrates proficiency in your area of interest.


Term 1

Applications for the 15-week Term 1 of The Pathway program will open on November 18th 2022 and will close on January 9th, 2023. Successful applicants will be notified on January 27th, 2023. The course will kick off on February 11th, 2023. Intake will be capped at 120 students.


Term 2

Successful completion of Term 1 is a prerequisite for Term 2. Applications for Term 2 of the Pathway Program will open on May 19th 2023 and will close on July 15, 2023. Successful applicants will be notified on August 1st, 2023. The course will kick off on August 15, 2023.

Ready to Start?

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