Tega, On His Journey To Artistic Self-rediscovery

Tega’s story is similar to that of many talented creative Nigerians, who due to societal expectations and bias for success, abandon their natural talent at some point, conforming to the society’s obtainable metrics for a “bright future” in life. Read about him, and how he rekindled his creativity and is rewritig his own definitions of success.


The Bridge Program: The growth culture and becoming a fellow

by Michael Akpan Jr. We’re pleased to inform you that you have been selected by the Admissions Committee as one of the 30 bright minds to participate in The Bridge Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellowship Program for 2019. Prior to the acceptance email, with excerpt above, there was the application process which started out with an online


The Journey So Far: Emotional Intelligence

By Onyekah Princewill I have learned a lot this week. It’s been wonderful meeting new people with different ideas and creative minds. Mr. John, our facilitator, has really made this camp accommodating and memorable. We all are on a journey: The Entrepreneurial Leadership journey. The Bridge Program has designed a very inspiring module, and one I would